WordPress Shoppable Plugin


1) Setup your API token: https://publishers.shoppable.com/site_settings/tokens

2) Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the plugins page via the left nav.

'Plug in menu'

3) Click on Add New.

4) Here you can either click upload and use the file available at http://wordpress.org/plugins/72lux-the-original-shoppable-content-and-shopping-bag/ or search for the plugin using the "Shoppable" keyword.

5) Now click on the Settings link, paste the token from step 1 into the input field and click Save Changes.


Placing product frames

When creating new or updating existing posts, the toolbar will have a new shortcut button:

'Toolbar shortcut'

To use it, click the button and you will be prompted for a specific frame ID. You can leave the ID field blank (recommended), click OK and the shortcode [shoppable_frame] will appear inside the edit text area.

NOTE: If using no frame ID, make sure to follow steps 7 & 8 in the non-plugin installation steps below to properly change the permalink settings.

Placing the shopping cart

The shopping cart is available as a widget and may be placed within the widget section of the dashboard.

Alternate method for installation

To install via HTML (not recommended), please refer to this guide.