Using the Wordpress plugin

The Wordpress plugin is a good solution if your website is on Wordpress. The recommended method is to use the native Wordpress plugin. However, the standard HTML snippet approach is available as well for Wordpress as well as Tumblr.

There are 4 basic steps to integrate ecommerce into your site using the Shoppable platform. Use the navigation at the left to get more details.

Step 1

Sign on to the Publisher Dashboard to create a partner token, which is required for any type of access to Shoppable technology. See API Token for more details.

Typically done by a content producer or editor.

Step 2

Customize the appearance (colors, fonts, etc.) of the product frames and shopping bag by setting up CSS rules on your website for the elements defined our frames.

Typically done by a webmaster or front-end developer.

Step 3 (optional)

Set up a secure web page on your site that will host the secure checkout frame served from the Shoppable platform. This will involve getting an SSL certificate for your site if you don't already have one.

You can skip this step if you want Shoppable to handle checkout. Once a user clicks checkout, they will be redirected to Shoppable for checkout and redirected back after the confirmation.

Typically done by a webmaster or IT person.

Step 4

option 1 using native plugin (recommended)

Use the native Wordpress plugin by enabling Shoppable in your Wordpress settings.

option 2 using HTML insert

Use the standard HTML snippet approach to embed a product frame into your Wordpress website.

This option is almost identical to using the Frames approach: embed the product frames and shopping bag within the editorial content on your website by pasting in the HTML code provided by the Shoppable platform. The only difference is that you are integrating on a Wordpress website.