Wishlist API v2

REST API for a User's wishlist(s). OAuth must be setup before making these API calls. See the OAuth 2.0 page for more details.

This REST API supports JSON format.

Request format



Ruby example using OAuth2 and HTTParty.

  # After the user authorizes your app to access their account,
  # they will be redirected to your callback with :code in the parameter
  # e.g. http://your_app_.com/wishlists?code=cffa52c26f24ff1aba5c8140a27fa98b5a08bab69a6a5fc2ba0469bf4576edd82343
  access_grant_code = params[:code]

  # For sake of this example, we hard code these in. You should store them more securely and elegantly
  app_id = "a9105b229a2b5b4ff6b63b9a7d19c42027b904db745e51a03c5730f79ef8a117"
  secret = "eb2f359b00a2b3dd346418af6b374c9bd95a07f28ee2f5ed1577758fedb5f1de"

  # Instantiate a new OAuth2 client
  client = OAuth2::Client.new(app_id, secret, site: "http://www.shoppable.com/")

  # Get the access token
  access = client.auth_code.get_token(code, redirect_uri: "http://your_app.com/wishlists")

  # You should save this token for the user
  # And use this token for future API calls.
  token = access.token
  api_url = "http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/wishlists?access_token=" + token

  # returns a JSON object of all user's wishlists
  wishlists = HTTParty.get(api_url, :options => { :headers => { 'Content-Type' => 'application/json' } })

REST Actions

Action Description Method URL Parameters
Index Get all wishlists of the user GET http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/mylists
  • access_token
Show Get a single wishlist of the user GET http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/mylists/:wishlist_id
  • access_token
  • wishlist_id
Create Create a new wishlist POST http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/mylists
  • access_token
  • Wishlist Object
Update Update an existing wishlist PUT http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/mylists
  • access_token
  • Wishlist Object
Delete Delete a wishlist DELETE http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/mylists/:wishlist_id
  • access_token
  • wishlist_id

Request parameters

Parameter Type Description


URL Param Access token provided through the OAuth service.


URL Param The id of the wishlist you are looking for.


Data Param

Title of a wishlist put in the params. Please note the outer nested data is "mylist" and not wishlist. cURL example:

curl 'http://www.shoppable.com/api/v2/mylists?access_token=2189aea40fb4c7ffc4ce09ce5b1e7c60cf93857a27442f7fac940a3eeb706f34' -d 'mylists[title]=My Amazing Wishlist' -d 'mylists[description]=Amazing products I find across the webz.'

mylist[description] Data Param

Description of a wishlist put in the params.

mylist[notifications] Data Param

Whether user should receive email alerts for items in this list. Boolean (true/false).

mylist[notification_frequency] Data Param

Frequency of notifications, if notifications are on. Options are: 'daily', '3 per week', 'weekly', 'never'.

Example response

All the wishlists of User with id 130.

    "notification_frequency":"3 per week",
    "notification_frequency":"3 per week",
    "notification_frequency":"3 per week",
    "title":"made via api",