Shoppable Documentation

Getting Started

The Shoppable platform is a service operated by Shoppable that enables the integration of ecommerce into third party websites, effectively transforming publishers in to retailers. The Shoppable platform aggregates products from many retailers into a single database.

There are three ways to access Shoppable's database of Shoppable products:

1. Frames

(Medium technical involvement)

Frames are collections of products accessible through snippets of HTML code, creating a "plug and play" solution. Once the HTML snippets are embedded onto your site, Shoppable's Shoppable technology will display your curated product set. After the initial setup, frames can be easily managed through Shoppable's admin interface. All of the frames are integrated with Shoppable’s ecommerce system to enable products to be securely purchased directly from your site and fulfilled by multiple retailers.

Use frames

2. API

(High technical involvement)

APIs are a good solution if you are looking for more flexiblity. There are APIs to access the entire catalog, specific product, or products within a predefined frame. Once you have products displayed, you can use the cart API for checkout functionality. Use APIs

3. Wordpress plugin

(Low technical involvement)

The Wordpress plugin is a good solution if your website is on Wordpress. If you are using Wordpress, the recommended method is to use the native Wordpress plugin. However, the standard HTML snippet approach is available as well for Wordpress and also Tumblr.

Use Wordpress plugin